Free the Bunny Story

We begin preparations for our Easter Activity Day, by supporting one of the Marina's charities, Momentum.

Help Free The Bunny!

Our bunny does not have a name but hopefully the new owner will name them.

Whilst walking along the river our bunny saw a carrot on a boat. They were just admiring it….. honest!

Then some lovely police took them for a drive and placed them in a bunny jail, in the Marina Office.

Apparently there were lots of carrots…….. but it wasn’t the bunny that took them!!!!!

The police said they believe the bunny and set a code on the bunny jail, so a new owner can free them!

Please try and find the code – it’s on a raffle ticket.  Tickets can be purchased at the office

£1 per ticket

If the code is not revealed by a picked ticket on the day, winner will be picked from entries.