Petrol and Diesel Prices

Petrol and Diesel is now sold by the marina 7 days a week. On arrival please call into the Marina Office and one of our friendly staff will be of assistance. Alternatively you can use our unique FAST FUEL service.

Just call 01932 243722 and someone will meet you at the quayside fuel jetty.

Fuel Services at Shepperton Marina

Fuel Prices

Diesel Prices
100% Propulsion 147.56 pence per litre.
60:40 split 130.00 pence per litre.*

* Boats with diesel heaters can claim 40% of their fuel at the domestic rate (variable).

Petrol Prices
Petrol Price 189.00 pence per litre.

Fill up fast!

Shepperton Marina offers a unique free service to customers purchasing fuel here. Our Fast Fuel Service is designed to save you time when you need to refuel. We know only too well the frustrations caused when you arrive at the fuel pumps in a marina, only to waste time finding someone to serve you.

Simply call the phone number on our handy little Fast Fuel card as you are entering the marina or when you are about to leave your mooring, tell us you wish to purchase fuel and we will dispatch a member of staff to meet you at the fuel jetty. This early warning system will enable us to speed up the delivery of fuel, enabling you to do what you love most – that is to spend time on the water.

Fuel into cans

Fuel will only be served into cans displaying codes UN1203 (Petrol) and UN1202 (Diesel).  We will serve a minimum of 40L and a maximum of 100L in to cans, per person, per day.

Call the Marina Office for fuel enquiries

Call 01932 243722 and someone will meet you at the quayside fuel jetty.

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