Shepperton Marina can accommodate over 400 boats in the water and up to 50 boats ashore on the hard standing. In recent years Shepperton Marina has fast become one of the most desirable places to moor on the River Thames. By heavily re-investing every year and offering exceptional customer service, we have expanded the marina by more than 75% since 2011. This remarkable achievement is credit to the hard work from the marina staff, past and present and the support from our bertholders. We would like to invite you to be a part of our growing family run marina. 

Yes. All boats that are berthed within the marina require a river licence because the water is fed from the river Thames which is managed by the Environment Agency. This is also written in the marina's terms and conditions under 'Special Conditions' section 8. Only boats that are for sale with our boat sales department 'Boat Showrooms of London' and are on our sales pontoon are exempt from a river licence.  

The Environment Agency usually come into the marina once a year to check that boats are compliant. 

Most berths are supplied with fresh water and mains electricity, as well as a comprehensive range of amenities to make your stay comfortable and rewarding.

Electricity to boats is supplied by Smart Meter pods which is a pre-payment card system. You top up your chosen amount onto your electricity card via the marina office and then load it onto your allocated electricity pod by inserting your card. 

Electricity for visitors (day/weekly rate) is included in the visitor nightly mooring rate. 

When you are going away on your boat, we recommend before leaving your berth, inserting your electricity card into your pod which will transfer the remaining units back onto your card, leaving your pod clear. On your return, simply insert your card back into your pod to load the units back on. 

If you are at home and worried someone might unplug your electricity cable and take your power, you can purchase from the marina office, a 'Lockable Pod Kit' for £12.00 which enables you to lock your socket into your pod so no one can unplug you. We are confident that no one at Shepperton Marina would do this but it will give you peace of mind.   

You will find ample car parking space close to all four basins as well as the marina office and facilities center.

Yes we have a newly installed laundry room with two industrial sized washing machines and two industrial sized tumble dryers. £2 per wash, £2 per dry. 


Yes! Twice a day! 

Twice a day a member of staff walks round the entire marina checking on all boats & facilities. If they spot something concerning they will either give you a call or email to let you know. 

Shepperton Marina has a good reputation for having very few security related incidents, however we still advise all berth holders to be careful and never leave your vessel or its belongings un-locked. If you are familiar with the town Shepperton, you will know that it is one of the most desirable places to live and was voted the 'Happiest Town in Surrey' in 2017 which is reflected by the local people. You can rest assured that Shepperton Marina is located in a very friendly area.

Shepperton Marina invests heavily in security and in 2019, we installed a new state of the art CCTV system which monitors the entire 44 acre site. As well as this, we also have electric gates, fob access and a professional Security Company monitoring the cameras outside office hours and who are available on the phone in case of emergencies. 

You are not permitted to fish anywhere inside of the marina. 

No, unfortunately you are not permitted to swim in the marina.  

Absolutely! We at Shepperton Marina love dogs however some of our other berth holders may be nervous of them so we do ask that you keep them on leads at all times and you pick up after them. 

In the unlikely event that you wish to terminate your mooring contract, please put your request in writing to the Administration Team - 

No. The Owner must not (and must not allow anyone else to) use the Vessel for any residential purpose while in the Marina Premises under any circumstances.

For the avoidance of doubt:

Use of the Vessel to provide overnight accommodation in exchange for payment or a reciprocal arrangement is deemed to be commercial use; and the vessel is deemed to be used for residential purposes if, amongst other things, the Owner (or anyone else):

Uses the vessel as their principal or main place of residence; or stays on board the vessel in excess of an average of three nights per week over a twelve week period; or uses the Company’s offices at the Marina Premises as their mailing address.

We pride ourselves on being a family-run, independent marina and not attached to any chain however, we have a long standing relationship with Harleyford Marina (based in Marlow) and we consider ourselves to be 'Sister Marinas'. As part of this strong relationship, we have an internal agreement whereby our annual berth holders can stay there free of charge for up to one week (depending on availability) and vice versa. To book your free stay at Harleyford Marina, call them direct and ensure you have your membership card to hand when you arrive. 

Shepperton Marina's Waste Management Plan

Shepperton Marina's Environmental Policy.