We pride ourselves on ensuring the safety of our visitors at all times. We have a strict regime of ensuring various safety equipment is available on every pontoon and is in good, working order.

Boating on the Thames is a fantastic way to relax and spend time with family & friends but it is also very important that you make you and your guests aware of the dangers that comes with this environment.

Shepperton Marina strives seven days a week to ensure that the marina is as safe as it could possibly be. Our staff carry out morning rounds every day before we open to ensure the pontoons are clean and safe for customers and of course, they make sure your boat is ok! We also carry out weekly Health & Safety checks on all of the pontoons to make sure the safety equipment i.e. emergency ladders, life rings & fire extinguishers are in their correct place and haven’t been tampered with.


What can you do to help?

As a berth holder of Shepperton Marina, you should make sure you familiarise yourself with the location of all the safety equipment relative to your mooring. By doing so, should you or one of your guests need any emergency equipment, you will know where it is without delay.


What does the emergency equipment look like?

  • On each pontoon we have several safety ladders. These are bright yellow ladders that hang off the side of the pontoon and can be used in an emergency to get out of the water.


  • The fire extinguishers are kept in red cabinets and there is at least one located on every pontoon. Should you have to use one of these, please let the marina office know immediately so we can investigate the incident and replace the extinguisher. Remember to use the correct extinguisher depending on the sort of fire.


Powder or CO2 for electrical fires, foam or powder for flammable liquids, water foam or powder for wood or textile fires.


  • Life rings are located on every pontoon and in various other locations around the marina.


What do I do if I see someone fall into the water?

In this instance, go to your closest life ring location, un-hook it and take it with you to the person in the water. Throw the life ring next to where they are (not directly at them), ask them to grab hold of it and gently pull them to the bank/pontoon. For easy access out of the water, use an emergency ladder located at several points on every pontoon. There are also portable emergency ladders located around the marina. Please always contact the Marina office in the event of an emergency so we can assist.


What do I do if I discover a fire?

In the event of a fire, alert everyone by shouting Fire, Fire, Fire and evacuate everyone away from the area as quickly and safely as possible. Only attempt to fight the fire if it is safe to do so. Fire extinguishers are located on every pontoon and by the facility buildings. Fire bells are located at the bridge head to every pontoon which will alert everyone that there is a fire. Call 999 and ask for the fire brigade. Call the Marina office so they can assist and escort the fire brigade to the location of the fire. There are instructions on what to do in the event of a fire on every pontoon bridge head next to the fire bell.


What do I do if I have a medical emergency?

If you or one of your guests suffer an injury or are in need of emergency medical assistance, you should telephone 999. Once you have reported the emergency, you should call the Marina office so they can assist you and direct the ambulance to your location. Any non-emergency injuries must be reported to the Marina office.

*If there are any emergencies outside of office hours, you should contact the night watchman or emergency number:

Night watchman – 07805 597648

Emergency contact – 07973 147126


Are the pontoons cleaned regularly?

Members of staff walk every pontoon, every morning, seven days a week (except in extreme weather conditions) to ensure the pontoons are clean and safe. We also have an annual pontoon cleaning program whereby we pressure clean every pontoon & finger to remove any grime which could cause them to be slippery which is carried out every winter.   


What do I do if the pontoons are icy?

During icy conditions, we strongly recommend that everyone stays off the pontoons. It is important to note that Shepperton Marina does not salt the pontoons during such times mainly because we will not send our staff onto the pontoons, for their own safety. If you have any concerns about your vessel in these conditions, please contact the Marina office for advice.



Fire Bell

Use this to sound the alarm should you come across a fire.

Fire Extinguisher

Various types of fire extinguishers are available on the pontoons and around the marina.

Life Ring

Should you see someone in the water, remember to throw the life ring next to the person, not at them.