Shepperton Marina hosts their first annual River Cruise for customers!

Friday, 10th June 2022 saw the very first Shepperton Marina Flotilla get underway, organised by the marina staff for their customers. 

Seven boats left in convoy on Friday morning to make their way to Boveney Lock for the evening. The boats arrived at various times across the afternoon after being separated at a few locks (which was bound to happen)! We moored downstream of the lock in front of the weir where we all sat out on the grass bank, in the sunshine and talked all things boats, marina and river cruises. 

Everyone enjoyed a fish and chip delivery (from Scotts Fish and Chips) and raised a glass to the first of many Shepperton Marina Flotillas!


Fish and Chips

A lovely Fish and Chip dinner on the grass bank at Boveney Lock - enjoyed by all!

Saturday morning, all seven boats had left Boveney lock by 09:30 to make their way through six locks to Harleyford Marina. Again, a few were separated due to the size of the locks but that didn't get in the way of a good time. The sun was shining and everyone had an enjoyable journey. 

The final boat reached Harleyford Marina by 15:00 where a few guests chose to sample a gin at the on-site gin bar. 

After getting ready, we all met once again at the gin bar for a 'pre-drink' before being chauffeured to Harleyford Golf Club where we all enjoyed a very tasty three-course meal. 

The staff at the Golf Club were very attentive and the food was amazing. Clear plates all round!

Harleyford Golf Club Dinner

A very enjoyable three course meal at Harleyford Golf Club

Harleyford Marina accommodated all seven boats for the night with some customers opting to stay on for a few extra days before either heading back to Shepperton or continuing their trip further up river. 

Lisa Harris, Marina Manager says:

"Organising a Shepperton Marina to Harleyford Cruise for our customers is something that I have wanted to do for the past few years. With everything that has gone on in recent years, it just hasn't been possible. Now we seem to be through the other side, it was the first thing that me and the team wanted to arrange. 

The marina staff were brilliant in organising the moorings with Boveney Lock, Harleyford Marina, as well as both meals and the feedback we have received from our customers who attended has been wonderful. Everyone had a great time and it was lovely to give customers the opportunity to meet other customers who share the same interest. Planning for the next cruise has already begun!"