Anti-foul service

Shepperton Marina offers a professional anti-fouling service for any vessel, large or small. We can lift craft up to 22 tons and either have your boat out of the water for just a few days or we can anti-foul your boat just before it is returned to the water after a period of laying up. We can carry out both freshwater and sea-use anti-fouling as well as blacking for narrowboats.

ANTIFOULING Price per metre
(including materials) price per metre – min charge length 7.75m inc VAT
Package 1:  Re-antifoul fresh water  £32.00
Package 2:  Re-antifoul salt water  £35.00
Package 3:  Bitumen narrow boat sides    £29.00
Package 4:  Extra coat antifoul fresh water  £20.00
Package 5:  Extra coat antifoul salt water  £26.00
Package 6:  Acid wash – waterline only  £22.00
Package 7:  Repaint boot top line per coat  £26.00